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Make Love, Not War: Collages by Mister Blick


Peach-faced Lovebird and Galah


Pug puppy is plotting ways to get a human person to feed him pumpkins! (via lemontreesoceanbreeze)

all girls are fucking beautiful and if you try to make them feel like they aren’t because they have fuzzy legs or chubby bellies fuck you


Who is the target audience for Gogurt? Is it for children? I feel like the marketing is trying to make it look “cool” but I don’t know why. It’s cool to eat yogurt out of a tube. Cool kids don’t know how to use spoons? Spoons are for fucking losers. I’m on a public bus right now and I’ve never been in a relationship and I think about dropping out of college every day


By Julie Lawrence


Robert Smith, October 1984 in Japan


"this reminded me of you" is the cutest thing. like i dont care if its a song or a photo or a youtube video i will be excited